Readers ask: What Classical Music Was Played In The Thorn Birds?

Was The Thorn Birds a true story?

Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough is not a true story. The story is set in Drogheda, Austrailia which is a town that does not actually exist but is

Is The Thorn Birds a classic?

First published in 1977, the novel became an instant classic, selling more than 30 million copies worldwide and inspiring one of the most-watched television miniseries of all time. McCullough went on to write several more novels before passing away this week at age 77, but The Thorn Birds remained her defining work.

Who wrote Thorn Birds Theme?

How does the Thorn Birds end?

At the end of the book, when Meggie’s son Dane dies a hero’s death, saving the lives of others, he is a newly ordained priest, which means that Meggie has lost yet another man she loves to the Catholic church.

How old is Father Ralph in The Thorn Birds?

I am not troubled by the age difference between Meggie and Ralph.At the beginning Ralph is 27 years old and Meggie is 9 years old,but later when Meggie grows up they are only 18years old.. it’s not a century! Many men are older than their wives..

What is the story of The Thorn Birds?

The Thorn Birds is a sweeping love story set on Drogheda, a sheep station in the Australian Outback. Forced to choose between the woman he loves, and the Church he is sworn to, Father Ralph’s ambitions win, and he stays with the Church, eventually becoming a Cardinal in Rome.

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Does Netflix have Thorn Birds?

Rent The Thorn Birds (1983) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Is The Thorn Birds worth reading?

The book was so good that i took it everywhere with me and it was destroyed by me reading in it the ocean, pool or bathtub. This book is so, so much more then the romance between meggie and ralph. it is beautifully written and there is so much depth in each character.

Is The Thorn Birds streaming anywhere?

Watch The Thorn Birds | Prime Video.

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