Readers ask: Did Barry Sax People Play Classical Music?

Are saxophones used in classical music?

The saxophone is used in a wide range of musical styles including classical music (such as concert bands, chamber music, solo repertoire, and occasionally orchestras), military bands, marching bands, jazz (such as big bands and jazz combos), and contemporary music.

Which saxophone is best for classical music?

The Yamaha Custom 875 EX saxophone is a professional model saxophone that produces a rich, dark tone that is excellent for performing classical music. For performing in the jazz style, Yamaha produces the Yamaha Z model, which has a brighter tone and is endorsed by many jazz saxophonists.

Who was a famous classical saxophone player?

Frenchman Marcel Mule was a highly influential figure in the world of the classical saxophone throughout the 20th century. Seen as the creator of the French saxophone school, Mule was the second professor of saxophone at the Paris Conservatoire, after Adolph Sax himself.

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Who is the most famous sax player?

Charlie Parker is often cited as the greatest saxophone player in history. Parker, nicknamed Yardbird, or Bird for short, elevated jazz from entertaining dance music to the highest form of spontaneous artistic expression.

Why are there no saxophones in an orchestra?

Question: Why aren’t there any saxophones? The most commonly given reason for why saxophones are rarely used in orchestral pieces is because they were invented much later than the standard orchestra. For now, not enough pieces include saxophone to add it as a standard instrument, but who knows what the future holds.

Why is there no sax in orchestra?

Why didn’t the saxophone find its way into the orchestra? Adolphe Sax’s saxophones were constructed differently from instruments made by his contemporaries. At the time, manufacturers constructed musical instruments by buying pre-made parts from part shops, which they would then fasten together to make an instrument.

Which saxophone is best for jazz?

The tenor saxophone is the one most closely associated with jazz players, as it is a mainstay in that genre. It is tuned to Bb and has the familiar, curved body style. Since it is not as large or heavy as the baritone or bass sax, the tenor is somewhat easier for young beginners to play.

Is Sax a wind instrument?

The saxophone is one of the most unique and versatile wind instruments of all time. Although it was originally envisioned as a classical and military instrument, it has since made its way into almost every genre of music around the world from pop and rock to jazz, classical, and the avant garde.

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What is the rarest saxophone?

Meet the soprillo saxophone The soprillo, or sopranissimo, saxophone is also a rare instrument. At 33cm long, its highest note is an octave above a soprano saxophone and the corresponding key is positioned in the mouthpiece.

Who is the best female saxophone player?

1. Melissa Aldana, Visions (Motema Music) The Chilean-born saxophonist-composer-bandleader turned heads with her 2009 debut, Free Fall, and in 2013 became the first female musician and the first South American musician to win the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition.

What famous musician plays the saxophone?

Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Lee Konitz and Zoot Sims are just some of the famous sax players who would name him as a primary influence, and the ‘Cool school’ that came to prominence in the 1950s was particularly indebted to him.

What do you call a saxophone player?

A saxophonist is someone who plays the saxophone.

Who is the richest saxophonist in the world?

Kenny uses mainly the blues and pentatonic scales and is the richest instrumentalist in the world netting $100 millon. Kenny G’s Saxophone Setup: Selmer Mk VI Soprano with a Dukoff D8 mouthpiece.

Who is the best alto sax player of all time?

I hope this video can serve as a starting point for anyone beginning their exploration.

  • Charlie Parker A.K.A “The Bird” Let’s get the obvious out of the way first since this list could not be possible without him.
  • Johnny Hodges.
  • Benny Carter.
  • Lee Konitz.
  • Paul Desmond.
  • Phil Woods.
  • Ornette Coleman.

What is the best saxophone solo of all time?

10 of the Most Famous Saxophone Solos in Pop Music History

  • Baker Street.
  • Careless Whisper (George Michael)
  • Moondance (Van Morrison)
  • Just The Way You Are (Billie Joel)
  • Time of Your Life (Medley & Warnes)
  • Just The Two Of Us (Bill Withers)
  • Money (Pink Floyd)
  • Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen)

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