Quick Answer: Is Benedetto Marcello’s Music Classical Or Baroque?

What musical era was Marcello?

18th-century Italian composers.

What instruments did Benedetto Marcello play?

cello and piano — — Classical Cello and Piano. Composed by Benedetto Marcello (1686-1739).

What was Benedetto Marcello known for?

Marcello was known during his lifetime for his compositions, and is still best known for Estro poetico-armonico, based on the first fifty Psalms, and written in the early 1700’s for voices, figured bass (a continuous musical “bass line” made up of numbers indicating chords), and solo instruments.

When was Benedetto Marcello born?

Benedetto Marcello, (born June 24 or July 24, 1686, Venice—died July 24, 1739, Brescia, Rep.

What does the name Marcello mean?

The name originally means like a hammer. It is originally the adjectival form of Marcus, which means hammer; the -el suffix was in times of archaic Latin the adjectival form.

Where was Benedetto Marcello born?

Venice, Italy

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