Quick Answer: How Is The Who’s Tommy Related To Classical Music?

What is the story behind Tommy?

The album was mostly composed by guitarist Pete Townshend, and is a rock opera that tells the story of Tommy Walker, a “deaf, dumb and blind” boy, including his experiences with life and his relationship with his family. Tommy was acclaimed upon its release by critics, who hailed it as the Who’s breakthrough.

Is The Who’s Tommy a concept album Why?

The most influential album in the wake of Sgt Pepper was the Who’s Tommy, the fulfilment of the rock opera idea Pete Townshend had been banging on about since 1966. It, not Tommy, was the first concept album, but a tad too early – Tommy shouted louder and got the critical respect.

Is Tommy an opera?

Tommy is a 1975 British satirical operetta fantasy drama film written and directed by Ken Russell and based upon The Who’s 1969 rock opera album Tommy about a “psychosomatically deaf, mute, and blind” boy who becomes a pinball champion and religious leader.

Is Tommy a musical?

The Who’s Tommy is returning to Broadway in 2021. The musical adaptation of the Who’s 1969 rock opera about a deaf, dumb, and blind pinball wizard premiered on Broadway in 1993 and closed two years later after 889 performances.

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What did Uncle Ernie do to Tommy?

When the parents leave, Ernie takes advantage of Tommy’s blindness, deafness, and dumbness by sexually molesting him, in an attempt to do it behind his parents’ back so no one would know about it and he can get away with it.

Is Tommy based on a true story?

“The Tommy Movie” is based on a true story. It was written and directed Josh Hodgins and features the photography of Daniel Baas (Breaking Bad, Vampire Diaries). Nandar Pictures released a trailer earlier this week, viewable at YouTube.

Why did Tommy go deaf dumb and blind?

Born during the First World War, he becomes blind, deaf and dumb after seeing a murder by his parents in a mirror, becomes a pinball champion, reaches a state of grace, regains his senses and starts his own religion, is eventually discarded by his disciples somewhere in the far distant future, finds himself as isolated

Where was Tommy filmed?

TOMMY is one of The Who’s most famous albums of all time. But did you know that it was filmed in Portsmouth? The shoot famously led to a fire at South Parade Pier in the final stages.

What year was Tommy the musical?

All the actors – including famous non-singers Jack Nicholson and Oliver Reed – perform their own songs. Shortly after the release of the original rock opera upon which this film was based, the song “Tommy, Can You Hear Me?”, complete with vocals, was used in a commercial for the United Way.

Does Netflix have Tommy?

Watch Tommy on Netflix Today!

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What happens at the end of Tommy?

In the end — after the creepy guy (former cop Howie Ford) who had been tracking Blake got killed, and after a coroner was caught falsifying at least two causes of death — it was Mayor Buddy Gray who gave Tommy the final lead she needed to get at the truth, much to Deputy Mayor Doug’s dismay.

How does Tommy end the Who?

Tommy, in horror, stops the show and tends to Sally. He says he has had enough and decides to go home. Realizing how caught up in celebrity he has become, Tommy wishes to do something in return for his fans and invites them all back to his house (“Welcome”).

What did Tommy witness?

Tommy is blind, deaf and mute, but nothing’s wrong with him; as a small child he accidentally witnessed the murder of his father–by his stepfather. Tommy follows his silhouette and sees his murder through a mirror that captures his and his father’s souls.

How long is Tommy by The Who?

1h 51m

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