Question: How To Say Classical Music In Spanish?

How do you say plays music in Spanish?

hacer música loc verb. play music v expr. escuchar música loc verb. What type of music do you play on the Guitar?

How do you say enjoy the music in Spanish?

Me gusta la música.

How do you say the music is good in Spanish?

La música muy buena.

What do you call pop music in Spanish?

música pop. More Spanish words for pop music. la música pop noun.

How do I say I like to listen to music in Spanish?

Yo escucho música. = I listen to music. Tú escuchas música.

How do you say she listens to music in Spanish?

escucha música. / He/she listens to music.

What are you doing in Spanish slang?

One is “ ¿Qué estás haciendo? ” (it literally means “What are you doing?” in Spanish). The other one is “¿Qué hacés?”.

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