FAQ: How To Sort Classical Music In Itunes?

Is there a way to sort songs iTunes?

You can set your songs to play in a specific order. In the Music app on your Mac, click Songs under Library in the sidebar. Click a column heading to play songs in alphabetical order by song title, artist, or album (or sort by any other category). To select more categories, choose View > Show View Options.

How do I sort my iTunes playlist by genre?

Answer: A: Answer: A: Albums view, then from the menu bar View > View Options then choose the first and second level of sorting. Or go to the Songs view and enable the column browser if you want counts within genres.

How do I manually sort a playlist in iTunes?

Answer: A: Answer: A: Try View > Sort By > Playlist Order if you want to manually arrange items in the list. Try View > View As > Songs and click column headings to sort on other fields.

How do I sort my iTunes library by year?

This one’s easy to fix. Click the drop down at the top-right corner of your iTunes window and set the “Sort by” drop down to “Artist” and the “Then” drop down to “Year”. You’ll then want to go back through your library to make sure the dates on your albums are set to the correct year—the year of their original release.

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How do I sort my iTunes playlist on my iPhone?

It will organize the playlist on the iPhone by how you set it up in iTunes. Go to your MAC and sign in to iTunes. Select a list and from the top header, click on “VIEW” and select the dropdown “SORT BY”. From there you can sort by artist, album, song, etc.

How do I automatically organize my iTunes library?

Choose iTunes > Preferences, then click Advanced. Check Keep iTunes Media folder organized and then click OK. If you check this option, iTunes will keep your media files organized by artist, TV series, etc.

Why can’t I rearrange my playlist in iTunes?

Make sure that the sort icon (it is a little black triangle) is above the left column, i.e. the column of numbers. if it is not there, click the space above the column to put it there. If it is above any other column, the list will stay sorted by that column, and you will not be able to move songs up or down.

Why can’t I change playlist order in iTunes?

Go to the first column in the playlist, with the play order in it, and click on the heading section of that column. You will then see a click sort up arrow (toggles to down arrow on next click). You will also notice that you can now drag and drop the order again.

Should I let iTunes organize my music?

Yes. iTunes is a much better media manager than Windows Explorer or Finder. If I can let a dedicated app handle the organization I will. I haven’t manually named and organized my media since I was using Winamp 3 on XP.

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