FAQ: How To Say Classic Rock Music In Spanish?

How do you say hard rock music in Spanish?

hard rock n rock duro loc nom m. I prefer easy listening and jazz to hard rock. Prefiero la música melódica y el jazz al rock duro. rock pesado loc nom m.

How do you say enjoy the music in Spanish?

Me gusta la música.

What does type mean in Spanish?

type, the ~ (categoryclassgenre) clase, la ~ (f) Noun. suerte, la ~ (f) Noun.

How do you say different types of music in Spanish?

Genres of music in Spanish

  • music genres – los géneros de música.
  • flamencos – el flamenco.
  • jazz – el jazz.
  • ballads – las baladas.
  • rap – el rap.
  • hip hop – el hip hop.
  • blues – el blues.
  • classical music – la música clásica.

How do you say I love to listen to music in Spanish?

Yo escucho música. = I listen to music. Tú escuchas música.

How do you say she listens to music in Spanish?

escucha música. / He/she listens to music.

How do you say the music is good in Spanish?

La música muy buena.

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